Three months since Enneagram Monthly’s online launch have truly demonstrated the benefits of an expanded platform. Going online not only allows us to interact more dynamically with our readers but also provides access to a wealth of substantial and historic archives filled with enriching and insightful content. This feature is essential for those wanting to delve deeper into studies or comment on established ideas in the context of fresh perspectives that new content might evoke.

One significant advantage is the ability to publish longer articles in their entirety without being constrained by the 24-page limit of a monthly journal. There’s no longer a need to wait a month or more for the continuation of multi-part articles. Additionally, readers can easily leave questions or comments at the bottom of each article, fostering a more interactive community.

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This month, Enneagram Monthly has an array of insightful content added almost daily to deepen your understanding and exploration of the Enneagram. Here’s a small sample of what’s already posted in May and what’s scheduled for the second half of the month:

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