Community Guidelines

Creating clear and effective community guidelines are essential for maintaining a positive and respectful online environment. Here are the Enneagram Monthly guidelines:

  • Approval of Comments: All comments submitted to our website will be subject to approval by an administrator before being published. Please allow some time for your comments to appear.
  • No Anonymous Comments: We do not publish anonymous comments. Please use your real name or a recognizable username when commenting.
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  • Copyright Compliance: Do not post copyrighted material or engage in any form of plagiarism. If you quote or reference others, provide proper attribution.
  • Reporting Violations: If you come across a comment that violates these guidelines, please report it to the administrators or moderators.
  • Consequences for Violations: Violations of these guidelines may result in comment removal, warnings, or the suspension of commenting privileges. Repeated violations may lead to a permanent ban from the website.
  • Appeals: If you believe your comment was incorrectly moderated, you may contact the administrators to appeal the decision.
  • Disclaimer: The website reserves the right to modify or update these guidelines as needed. Users are encouraged to review them periodically.

These guidelines aim to foster a welcoming and respectful community where users can engage in meaningful discussions without fear of harassment or inappropriate content. Our clear communication of these community guidelines is vital to maintaining a positive online environment and encouraging thoughtful participation.