Welcome back, friends, to our newly expanded home for the Enneagram Monthly. Now, equipped with modern amenities afforded by technological advances, it surpasses the 24-page monthly journal that, just two decades ago, transitioned into an electronic PDF format to mitigate the ever-rising costs of printing and mailing.

Over the past 30 years, with the generous contributions of the best minds, authors, teachers, and students of human nature and personality from the Enneagram perspective, we have amassed a respectable archive of Enneagram knowledge and lore. This repository of information and wisdom concerning human nature, with its personality types and traits, stands as one of its most valuable qualities. In a world of constant change, it serves as a testament to what remains untouched by time.

Whether we delve into the lives of historic individuals in ancient scriptures, characters in classic world literature, or observe our current friends and foes, the consistency in personality patterns can be astonishing. A hallmark of good writing, theater, or movies has always been the accurate portrayal of believable traits that resonate with our deepest sense of truth.

So, why the long pause in publishing the Enneagram Monthly? We reached the quarter-century mark, and nature demanded CHANGE! Additionally, technology caught up with us and insisted on adaptation and evolution.

It all began with my old Enneagram friend, Nick Turner, calling one day, expressing a desire to move from Oregon and gardening, and return to his earlier profession in the electronic/internet field… bingo!

This presented the perfect opportunity to make the switch to a higher class of online presence, but not without finding a competent partner who could handle the technical aspects and have a deep engagement with the Enneagram. Enter Nick, and it was a go.

Nick, thinking he was just recovering from “long Covid,” moved to my town to work on-site where the library of all Enneagram Monthly archives resides—a bustling center for new ideas reaching into related systems concerning self-actualization, like the Enneagram. We aim to include systems that are time-tested over the centuries with practices that awaken the deepest potentials in us.

The mantra “know thyself” is at the root of all traditional spiritual quests, using affirmations, mantras, or koans to illuminate “who am I” at the center. It’s equally obvious that no one system can answer all questions, taking the entire individual into account—body, mind, and soul. While the Enneagram is wonderful and effective, it has some blank spaces that other areas of inquiry may have explored over time. While not delving as deeply into many directions as we have with the Enneagram, we aim to tap into the experiences of seekers who achieved mastery in other fields. We will offer introductions and information about systems we see as valuable and complementary to personality studies.

As we embark on this journey, we recognize the need for good shoes, a bike, a car, or a plane, depending on where our path leads.

Back to Nick and our plan. Shortly after settling in, Nick worked on a new website, and we sent out a mass mailing to the community. Unfortunately, it triggered a Google/gmail rule violation, resulting in our suspension and a prolonged period of service unavailability. Meanwhile, Nick’s health declined steadily, leading to hospitalization (not due to or with Covid). Sadly, he never recovered and passed away in March 2023.

As Nick’s health waned, Chris Heuertz graciously agreed to assist with this project. Chris, with the required expertise in building the website and a deep understanding as an author and teacher of the Enneagram, became our beacon. Choosing a new theme, we set up the site and commenced loading content. Over the past year, we posted nearly 700 articles on the site—about half of the Enneagram Monthly (EM) archives, along with some new material accumulated during that time.

Unlike the limited 24-page monthly magazine, the site offers access not only to the entire archive but also real-time commenting on or about all articles and the ability to chat with fellow readers and authors. New content will be added almost daily or weekly, with several subscription options available—monthly, yearly, or forever. Subscription is mandatory for full access and the ability to comment on articles, encouraging an influx of new ideas without the wait for the next monthly issue or the need for an entire article to be published later.

Speaking of which, the journey continues.

Jack on behalf of the Enneagram Monthly Editorial Team