Author Scott Allender writes The Enneagram of Emotional Intelligence: A Journey to Personal and Professional Success to help readers “step onto the path of awareness with new discoveries and practical suggestions for growth” (Allender, p. 20). This guide combines Emotional Intelligence (EI) with the Enneagram, presenting practical and easily digestible content for any audience, regardless of prior knowledge of the Enneagram system.

The book first explores the Enneagram and its types, offering detailed descriptions and insights into the core motivations, fears, and desires that drive each type. Allender explains the five EQ composite scales—self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal relationships, decision-making, and stress management—and connects these traits to the Enneagram. He demonstrates how understanding one’s Enneagram type can lead to significant improvements in emotional and interpersonal functioning.

With an engaging writing tone, reflections, practical exercises, and visual aids such as graphs and tables, The Enneagram of Emotional Intelligence is a book for all types of readers. It showcases real-life examples of different types in various situations, helping readers better grasp each chapter’s lessons.

However, readers looking for a deep dive into Enneagram theories and new ideas may find the book’s focus on emotional intelligence and self-perception more centered on personal growth than expanding their understanding of the Enneagram system itself. Nonetheless, it offers a fresh perspective on how the Enneagram intersects with psychology and can serve as a core resource for self-improvement.

Overall, The Enneagram of Emotional Intelligence is a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Whether you are new to the Enneagram or well-versed in its principles, Allender’s book offers fresh perspectives and practical tools to aid in your journey toward personal and professional success.


Allender, Scott. The Enneagram of Emotional Intelligence: A Journey to Personal and Professional Success. Grand Rapids, Barker Books, 2023.

Scott Allender

Scott Allender is an emotional intelligence coach, author, enneagram teacher, and co-host of The Evolving Leader Podcast. You can find out more about Allender through his Instagram or go here to find out more about him.