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Over the past year and a half, working on this project felt like coming home to family and friends. While focusing on transitioning to a more immediate and effective communication medium, I missed being connected with our Enneagram community. Reviewing the contents of the website got me increasingly excited and amazed at the unique and valuable contributions, consistently reflecting the personality traits and depth of understanding of the authors.

Reading articles in detail each month is one thing, but having the ability to seamlessly navigate through longer articles with “continued” sections in the same sitting is another. It’s now easier to scroll forward, tune into the “continued” sections without delay, and provide immediate comments and feedback. I’m particularly pleased about the additional option of “first-thought-best-thought,” allowing readers to act as peer reviewers, suggesting refinements, highlighting caveats, or sharing insights.

You’re invited to explore this expanding body of work, now consolidated in one place, featuring contributions from more than 300 authors and 700 articles already posted, with additional new and archival articles awaiting uploading. Furthermore, all content is easily searchable with just a few keystrokes.

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