Have you ever wanted to dive deeper into your own type or a loved one’s type? Sierra Mackenzie’s The Complete Guide to the Enneagram: A Modern Approach to Self-Discovery and Connecting Well with Others gently offers readers a comprehensive and accessible overview of each type. Mackenzie’s engaging, conversational tone makes the complex ideas of the Enneagram easy to process.

From the outset, Mackenzie provides an Enneagram test for readers who are unfamiliar with their type, allowing for self-assessment. She explains how the book is organized and defines the more technical Enneagram terms such as wings and the triad. With various explanations as to why the reader would venture more into the Enneagram, Mackenzie also reminds her readers not to feel boxed into their type and that “…type does not dictate every nuance and iota of who you are” (Mackenzie 7). This is a crucial reminder for Enneagram learners, as it’s easy to fall into the trap of type stereotypes.

Each chapter is dedicated to a specific type, offering a multifaceted perspective on core motivations and lifestyles. Mackenzie’s writing style draws readers in an almost conversational way. She illustrates how each type manifests in various settings, such as work and home, and provides insights into living with different types. This can helps readers relate to their loved ones and foster greater understanding and compassion.

The Complete Guide to the Enneagram offers an overview of each type. For visual learners, it might not be the best resource. However, its engaging writing style and text is enriched with real-life examples and anecdotes, which bring the Enneagram types to life and enhance understanding. This book is more interpersonal and can be particularly valuable for those looking to deepen their connections with family, friends, and colleagues.


Mackenzie, Sierra. The Complete Guide to the Enneagram: A Modern Approach to Self-Discovery and Connecting Well with Others. Salem, Page Street Publishing, 2022.

Sierra Mackenzie

Sierra Mackenzie is an author, mentor, freelance writer, and so much more. You can find more about Mackenzie on her website here and you can learn more about her book here.